Coconut Lovers Box of 5 Regular Fit Donuts for $9 Through June 30th

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What's up with our donuts


  • High protein, Low fat, Low carb, Low sugar! What's not to love about that?!
  • Healthy alternative to processed pre-packaged snacks!
  • Made with fresh "clean" ingredients.

Upcoming events


End of June Celebration:

The first 25 people will enjoy a free fit donut as well as daily specials all day and free drawings every hour!

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Main Ingredients


Almond milk

Cashew milk

Coconut Oil

Almond Flour

Whole Grain Blend Flour

Coconut Flour

Whey Protein (Does contain low amount of milk product)

Gluten Free Oats


Powdered Peanut Butter

Cocoa Powder

Sea Salt

Gluten Free Flour Blend:

3 Different rice flours, potato flour, tapioca

Flavor of the Month


Peanut Butter & Jelly

(Grape, Raspberry, or Strawberry)



  • Delivery Charge-$5 on all deliveries
  • Delivery radius is 12 miles
  • Mix & Match? ABSOLUTELY
  • Call to have your order ready and waiting
  • Online ordering/payment is limited to  half dozen or full dozens (call for any other amount)
  • After online order and payment, call or email us with your flavors: 208-519-4336, email:
  • All flavors can be made Gluten Free